How to resolve back pain problems for labor?

Back pain occurs frequently during pregnancy. Studies show that usually 50% of the pregnant women will suffer from lower back pain. Moreover, ⅓ of these may face severe pain. Back pain is in the long list of the many problems associated with pregnancy. Probably that’s why being pregnant is just like 9 months of constant pain and anxiety. If you are also a prey of this consistent back pain during pregnancy, we have some hacks for you. This will help you in instant back pain removal. Buy now back pain relief pad

How to resolve back pain problems for labor?

Causes of back pain

First of all, you need to understand the actual concept of back labor. Also do consider that it is not a myth and many doctors have clinically proven the existence and reasoning of lower back pain when a woman is pregnant. The actual cause of this back pain is OP position (short for Occiput posterior). In this position, the baby is facing towards the mother’s pubic bone. This means that his head is resting on the hard part of the spine. The nerves are pressed against the baby’s head causing stress and pain. Research shows that first time mothers are more prone to OP position, thus they are more vulnerable to back pain. 

Treatments to relieve pain

Now that we are fully aware of what causes back pain, we should also look into it’s cure. There are many techniques to relieve this pain. 65% of experienced mothers said massage to be the best cure for it. Be it a massage chair or your partner or your labor coach. Whenever you face pain have a light lower back massage. If someone is physically doing it for you, request them to use their fists or even a tennis ball on your lower back. However, if you go for a massage chair, be careful with it. Use light intensity massage settings and if you feel the problem getting worse, immediately stop it and contact your medical team. 

Counter Pressure: As described above, this back pain occurs due to OP position, some counter pressure can be applied to rectify this position. A warm pad or a cold beverage can do it for you. 

Exercises: Chiropractors and doctors have referred many exercises to get rid of acute back pain. You can try the Open-knee position, Double Hip Squeeze and Hands-and-Knees position. Birth ball and Abdominal lifts also do the work. HHowever, do consult your doctor before opting for any type of medical exercise.

TENS: Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is yet another effective way to solve back pain. This is more of a non-medical method and doctors strictly say to use it in the initial four months of pregnancy. After that it may be harmful for the baby. 

Warm water therapy: Rest your body in a bathtub full of warm water. Let warm water run through your back and make it fall where you feel extreme pain. Rub your back lightly with a soft towel. It works instantly to relieve pain.


Labor is not an easy job at all. The problems associated with it make it even worse. Take the example of back pain only. One cannot imagine the acuteness of back pain during pregnancy. However, go with these instant hacks and you’ll feel better in a matter of time.